PERSPECTIVES 2019 Ademi: Politicians need to open up more to the people

In terms of the assessment of the political and sociological expectations of last year, Husein ef.Ademi in a conversation for Perspectives 2019, says that it will be clear to every smart person that not too many things have changed on the “scene” in Macedonia.

“Politics are somehow at a standstill, at least that is how I see it. There are changes, we freed ourselves from that burden we had 11 years on our shoulders. People started to breath a bit easier, despite the air pollution in Skopje. Nevertheless, I do think that much more work is needed, there is still disappointment among the people, the economic powerlessness in which the people are drowning is still pressing all of us equally, and I think that it is time for these politicians of ours, with smooth faces and soft hands to understand their job a bit more seriously and to work a little more with the people”, says Ademi.

Ademi says that in regards to the religious aspect, it can be quite critical because even he himself does not see any big changes and any concrete projects that will enable approximation of the two biggest religious communities in Macedonia, but also overall.

“We have to be optimists that we do have the capacity and power, it is only necessary for that “valve” among the politicians to finally and once and for all burst and for them to open up more to the people, and to give the people a greater chance to feel that they are also an important part of this structure of ours”, adds Ademi.

As to the expectations for 2019, Ademi says that those people who are leading the state, who act like they are the main ones, and who should be here for the people, should give the young people more space for them to develop their intellect.

“To be absolutely open to each other, because openness leads to economic good, and closure can lead to things that may end up costing us much”, adds Ademi.

Dehran Muratov
Text editing: Angela Petrovska
Camera and editing: Biljana Jordanovska

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