POLITICS Zaev: Making efforts for a solution, certain things non-negotiable

We are making efforts and we will do everything in our power for a solution until the last minute but there are certain things that are non-negotiable anywhere in the world, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Thursday and added that a failure to reach a solution and no intergovernmental conference with the EU is also a possibility.

“We are optimistic and doing everything to reach a solution. I am the same person who told people on Revolution Day-October 11 that a solution might not come and an intergovernmental conference between North Macedonia and the EU might not take place. We are investing efforts until the last moment, we will do everything in our power but you are aware there are things that are non-negotiable anywhere in the world. The Bulgarian side is aware of this, it is aware that our identity, our Macedonian language is our feeling, our right. Countries do not negotiate on these things so we are continuing to find solutions that would be acceptable for both parties. However, I am standing here as I was on October 11, saying there is a serious possibility that the first intergovernmental conference with the EU fails to take place,” PM Zaev told reporters.

He said the Government is tasked with moving the country forward and it would be really stupid or irresponsible to do something that puts into question the talks, i.e. cause awkward situations or lay foundations for the talks’ failure.

“We are not saying that an agreement will be reached, I said there is a big probability that an agreement will not be reached. I remain optimistic because optimism can make us creative and find a solution,” said Zaev.

He PM noted it is unacceptable to make daily politics out of the issue and see political interest in something that is of strategic interest for the country, such as the first intergovernmental conference and the start of the negotiating process.

“The interest of the country and the citizens comes first,” underlined Zaev.

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