SOCIETY Zaev: 5G network’s effect more positive than emergence of electricity

When speaking about digitization as the fourth revolution, the 5G network will result in more positive effects than the emergence of electricity and be an instrument of transformation, i.e. digitization of traditional industries, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on security of 5G technologies with U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, Keith Krach on Friday.

PM Zaev said the memo confirmed North Macedonia and United States’ will to strengthen cooperation related to the 5G technology, which is in line with the national operational broadband plan that the Government adopted last year as a strategic document in the new era of the country’s digitization.

“North Macedonia, being an EU candidate-country, is obliged to align its national policies for development of electronic communications with Union law, along with the policies related to the security aspects of the 5G implementation with our strategic partner and NATO ally, the United States of America,” said Zaev.

He added that considering the benefits of the wireless communication of the 5G technology, the MoU is of vital significance for the future prosperity of the country from an economic viewpoint, as well as for national security.

“5G will give way to a series of new applications, including the key services for citizens and the economy. The increased data quantities of 5G networks will further link up world economies, facilitating cross-border services and trade,” elaborated Zaev.

According to him, North Macedonia and the United States highlight the importance of stimulating relevant and trusted network suppliers of 5G hardware and software, taking into consideration the risk assessments, while promoting frameworks that efficiently protect 5G networks from unauthorized access by third parties.

Under Secretary Krach thanked PM Zaev for his vision, leadership and friendship.

“North Macedonia is such a valued strategic partner and this signing ceremony is evidence of this strong friendship between our two countries,” said Krach.

He said that secure networks would be of vital importance for the region’s economic prosperity and the stability.

“The clean network is more than just 5G. It covers everything, from electrical grids, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, even apps on our phones. The clean network is a comprehensive approach to addressing the long-term threats to data privacy, security, trusted collaboration and human rights,” said Krach.

The Under Secretary added that his mission is to drive as more private investments in North Macedonia as possible.

“Together we can control our 5G destiny and truly lead our people down the clean path of a safe and secure future. Perhaps most important of all, I think this signing is about trust. Trust is the basis of every relationship, whether it’s business, personal – you buy from people you trust. You partner with people you trust. This is about building an open, interoperable, secure global communication network based on shared democratic values that underlie trust,” concluded Krach.

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