DAILY BRIEF We are all children of Ilinden, there’s no room for early parliamentary elections, talks about the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the census, economy and pollution

Zaev: Economic policies are giving results

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced a new investment cycle of 5 billion euros at today’s press conference together with Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bektesi, during a presentation of the results of the latest audit of the World Trade Organization.

“We created a real, strong economy. We did everything to separate the economy from politics. The audit of the WTO is yet another proof that the economic policies of the Government are giving results. This year of 2019 will be indeed a year of economy”, stressed Zaev.

Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bektesi reflected on the government measures such as the fight against the grey economy, MyVAT…

Replying to a journalist question, Bektesi said that until the end of the year he expects the country to be part of the Agreement on government procurement of the World Trade Organization.

Transparency: Half of the municipalities do not publish information regularly on public procurements

Just one in five municipalities, more specifically 20 percent, publish regularly on their websites announcements for public procurements, showed the review of the News agency “” that it conducted recently of the websites of 80 municipalities and the City of Skopje. Almost half of the municipalities, or 48%, haven’t published any data on public procurements or the existing ones are outdated.

15 municipalities have old agreements or empty categories on public procurements, while 21 municipalities have no current announcements, nor a link to new announcements on the Electronic system of public procurement.

The City of Skopje and 26 more municipalities, on the other hand, publish only bigger public procurements, contracts or have published links to the announcement webpage of the Electronic system of public procurement.

According to the analysis conducted by “META”, only 16 municipalities regularly publish public procurement announcements on their websites.

Early elections

The adoption of the Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office should not be conditioned with early elections, stated today Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

“We are not for early elections. A solution should be found, but it is not early elections. We will give public reconciliation a chance, so that the working groups can work, and this could happen as of this week”, said Zaev at a press conference in the Government.

We would be non-professional and non-patriots, he added, if with early elections we were to ruin the current economic numbers.

Zaev did not want to comment the journalist question in relation to the information that Katica Janeva has allegedly requested “forensic deletion” of SPO data, and said that an answer to this should be sought at the competent bodies. At the same time, he encourages the institutions to continue with the investigation.

Pollution: Stoves in Skopje pollute as much as 17 million cars

Stoves in 17 municipalities in the Skopje Valley in one heating season pollute as much as 17

million old diesel cars would pollute in the same period if they were to pass 20 km a day, show data from the survey “Skopje is heating”, conducted from January to September 2017 by the UNDP Program in cooperation with the City of Skopje and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.

According to the study, it is estimated that in the Skopje Valley there are 133.633 households of which 73.220 (almost 45 percent) use wood for heating, around 51.000 (31 percent) use electricity, while 35.000 or 21 percent are connected to the central heating system. Only 2500 households, or 1.5 percent, currently use pellets stoves.

Candidate lists for members of council of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services and the Macedonian Radio Television determined

The Parliamentary Committee on Elections and Appointments at today’s session

determined the lists of candidates submitted on public announcements for the election of members of the Council of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services and the Program Council of the Macedonian Radio Television.

As the President of the Committee, Ilija Dimovski, announced, 28 candidates had applied for the competition of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, of which all of them formally fulfil the legal conditions to continue in the next phases of the selection process. And 19 candidates applied for the Program Council of the Macedonian Radio Television, of which 18 formally fulfil the legal conditions and continue on the next phases of the process.

The established lists are conditional and before they are sent to a public hearing, candidates need to be verified by the Anticorruption Commission, which should submit an advisory opinion for each of them on whether they fulfil the conditions for the non-existence of conflict of interests determined according to the legal requirements.

Flash news

“We are all children of Ilinden” is the slogan of all the events with which this year the Republic Day – August 2, will be celebrated, 116 years since the Ilinden Uprising and 75 years since the First Session of ASNOM.

Bojan Jovanovski, first suspect in the case “Racket” has been transferred to the Skopje clinics due to examination for a surgery that has been previously scheduled, confirmed Esad Rahic, director of the Sutka prison. According to sources of the Clinical Center “Mother Teresa”, several examinations have been made, published Focus.

The government and the opposition today will finally meet to talk about the new law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the census. The positions of both sides were diametrically opposed, so the outcome of the new meetings is carefully awaited, having in consideration that it is extremely important for the opposition to participate in the adoption of the laws as well.

B. Jordanovska


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