POLITICS VMRO-DPMNE continues with the blockade, according to SDSM the opposition is committed to lies and destruction

Today, VMRO-DPMNE continues with the blockade of the Government and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice, from 17:00 to 18:00.

“Today as well, we continue to express our revolt against the wrong policies of the government led by Zoran Zaev and SDSM. Together with the citizens today, to say again at the quisling Zaev that it is enough to sell and humiliate the state. VMRO-DPMNE warns the Macedonian people, the citizens of Macedonia to closely monitor what is being prepared, what is being prepared, what is being negotiated,” the party said in a statement.

SDSM says that with the hysteria of false news, the opposition wants to overthrow the state positions and that they are the only ones who work for foreign interests and that they are a danger to the Macedonian people.

“Everything that comes out of the bankrupt white palace is untrue and fabricated. Just like the statement in which the center of lies of VMRO-DPMNE states that several EU member states are against the integration of Northern Macedonia. It is a notorious lie, we completely deny it. On the contrary, the Republic of Northern Macedonia has a clear, strong and broad international support and assistance from its friends and allies. One of the latest proofs of that is the letter from US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker. “VMRO-DPMNE is committed only to lies, destruction and acting against the interests of the citizens,” reads the statement of SDSM.

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