DAILY BRIEF Violence needs to stop – security needs to prevail in Macedonia

In today’s focus is the tragic event in which the 21-year-old Nikola Sazdovski died, who was brutally beaten ten days ago.

CIVIL-Center for Freedom most strongly condemns every form of violence, especially among the youth who are victims of the policies led by the representatives of the people. We call on the institutions to conscientiously and honestly fulfill their duty and severely sanction, according to the law, the perpetrators guilty for the death of the 21-year-old boy Nikola Sazdovski

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today urged for refraining from hate speech and inciting intolerance following the death of Nikola Sazdovski. “Hatred and violence are unwelcome in Macedonia, and they directly harm our future and our youth. I urge for all of us to refrain from hate speech and inciting intolerance. Only in this way we will give the institutions a chance for them to do their job, for which they are paid for by the citizens”, stressed Zaev.


In other news, the head of the Macedonian diplomacy, Nikola Dimitrov, at today’s debate that was held within the EU-Western Balkans Summit in London, on the topic “Beyond Berlin: What Does the Next Decade Hold for the Western Balkans?” stressed: “We deserve a clear decision for the start of the negotiations, but politics are the art of the possible and we will do everything we can, we will invest maximum efforts to move forward”.

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska, in the meanwhile, just before the NATO Summit in Brussels, highlighted that in the next two days Macedonia will sit at the same table with the world super powers, and that since 2008 the citizens have seen what it means to live in an insecure country and in an unstable region.

Today again there are no prospects for overcoming the problems between the government and the opposition for the final election of the members of the State Election Commission (SEC).

It is necessary for the political parties in the Parliament to agree on the necessary procedures for a successful election of the members of the State Election Commission (SEC), urged the President of the Committee on Elections and Appointments, Ilija Dimovski, today at a press conference.

“In addition to the phases for making a decision for announcing a competition, which are completed, several more phases follow that need to be carefully carried out. The first phase is determining a list of candidates, that is, applicants that meet the requirements. This should be done by the Committee on Elections and Appointments, which, as you know, is a Committee headed by the opposition, and also has a complicated majority, and that being six members of VMRO-DPMNE, six members of SDSM and one MP from BESA of Bilal Kasami”, informed Dimovski.

In terms of the demands of the President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickovski, regarding the amnesty of those convicted for the April 27 events in the Parliament of RM, Dimovski said that that is not VMRO-DPMNE’s condition, that is, that the procedure is not connected to the procedure for forming the SEC.



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