QUOTES Transparency above all!

There are as many obstacles as you want, obstacles by the Public Prosecutor’s Office where our initiatives are rejected due to not finding elements of criminal responsibility. I will mention the case of the mayor of Matka, and I will say again, if it is not a case of criminal responsibility where it is enabled for an individual to obtain material assets on the basis of some illegal construction, then let the criminal code be changed. That is why we are now asking for an opinion from the Council of Public Prosecution, from the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office, all in order to open the debate, to hear the expert opinion, on the one hand, on the other hand, it is very important that every official regardless of their inviolability should they know that their work is being monitored. Just as our work is transparent, so each individual’s work should be transparent.

Biljana Ivanovska, President of SCPC.

Interview – Билјана Ивановска: Будењето на свеста е основната алка на демократијата и на борбата против корупцијата(BIljana Ivanovska: Raising awareness is a fundamental link in democracy and the fight against corruption)


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