BURST The gang feeds off silence and fear


Do you remember the days when we used to call them poor students? They were and have remained poor students? A professor once told me that the professor who is now posting false news and falsification on Facebook, used to be a poor student who didn’t understand the law neither then nor now. There, you have such a character teaching law at the oldest state university, who is a member of the Venice Commission, and at one time occupied a bunch of other functions, while the Family was in power…

Spreading disinformation and false news creates an ugly, distorted reality that goes in favour of radical nationalists and anti EU and NATO politicians, among which there are also suspected, and even convicted criminals. For the situation to be even worse, the institutions have chosen a soft approach, while the media constellation is going in their favour. In addition to hate speech and black propaganda, false news and disinformation, there have always been falsified documents in the arsenal of weapons against facts.

The Law professor, member of the Venice Commission, an adult and a serious woman, is spreading false news and falsified documents! What the hell?! A good friend of mine noticed quite well that the supposed SDSM membership cards of Katica Janeva and Mitko Jancev have a same serial number. So funny. That’s what it’s like when poor students want to make this kind of a crime. The propaganda based on criminal procedures has to be carefully planned and special talents are needed for this. However, since these criminogenic minds are also filled with endless vanity and arrogance, having gotten used to the impunity in which they are enjoying themselves, they are not even trying so hard. And they are undermining the intelligence of people.

Reality is complicated and hard enough, the problems are big enough, the reasons for criticizing are also big enough in order to have to make things up. It’s enough just to watch, think, speak and write.

The most important thing is to possess credibility. A person who resorts to disinformation and falsification cannot have credibility, who is an heir to a criminal and violent clique in which, not only has this person not given up, but is rather representing and defending it. One simply cannot.

After all this, the public is left with the disturbing question of what can be done in order to protect the public interest, primarily, to protect the youth from such a gang, a powerful gang, with lots of money, assisted by sophisticated criminal machineries, encouraged by the soft approach of the government, supported by the media that they still own…

Editorial offices, NGOs, education institutions, intellectuals are facing an everyday choice, whether to surrender and to sit in the back rows of the auditorium and with half-opened mouths to watch this perverse pornographic play or to call it quits. The choice not to keep silent means telling and showing these characters that nobody believes them anymore. Such a choice also means someone who has at least a little bit of dignity, honesty and decency to loudly oppose them. Everyone has the right to demand from the institutions to finish their job according to the laws, and not the wishes of the criminal gang that is defending itself with its numerousness and with the money they are stacking from the people, not from the sky.

The gang is feeding off the silence and fear of the people. Dignity, honesty and decency are a defence against them, and they are expressed loudly. Otherwise, it’s their victory.


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