The continuous declining of the Macedonian media on the world ranking list, the 111th place according to the Index of Reporters Without Borders is a good enough indicator of the media freedom in recent years. Macedonia’s celebration of World Press Freedom Day this year again will be marked with media darkness, threats, intimidations and structural

At today’s meeting of the chief of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, with civil society organization in Republic of Macedonia, in the capacity of representative of the working group on freedom of expression, media and electoral reforms, the President of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, Xhabir Deralla, spoke about the situation with the media and early parliamentary

Citizen journalists have led the main coverage on the situation with the pro-democracy citizens’ protests for justice, freedom and democracy in the past two months. This also marks the course of the Civic Lenses Project and the awards for citizen journalists in this cycle of awards by CIVIL – Center for Freedom.

Fierce criticism of the government, postponement of elections, withdrawal of Ivanov’s abolition, freeing of the media, depoliticization of the judiciary and many other measures and reforms for overcoming the political crisis in Macedonia, are some of the views of the highest representatives of over twenty political parties that were part of the fourth discussion on

Public statement by CIVIL – Center for Freedom on media freedoms, May 3, 2016. Republic of Macedonia is experiencing media darkness for years. On the World Press Freedom Day, once more, we raise our voice, striving for freedom. We reiterate our strong condemnation of the government’s policies and practices in the media sphere. The government has

CIVIL – Center for Freedom will present the awards for the second cycle of the “Be a citizen journalist” competition on March 22, Tuesday, beginning at 12.00 pm at the City Park Hotel.

In front of a full conference hall with representatives of the Municipality of Ohrid, Council members, managers of public enterprises and regional offices of state institutions, political party activists, media and the citizens of Ohrid, CIVIL presented the Project “Free Elections for Free Citizens”.

January’s dynamic start of CIVIL –Center for Freedom is successfully coming to an end. From January 4-th until now, CIVIL’s team has realized all of its anticipated activities with the members of the monitoring teams, with partner NGO’s, as well as with representatives of political parties at the local level. Most of these activities are