News digest of main events for Republic of Macedonia (14 June 2016): “Divo Naselje” trial continues || Protest for protection of greenery in “Karposh” || Parties attend meeting with US and EU ambassadors || Video analysis by Saso Ordanoski || Saveski and Kunovski from the Levica party are free as of today ||  Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski resigns

News digest of main events for Republic of Macedonia (June 13, 2016): No detention for Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski || Request of Special Prosecutor’s Office for amendments to the Law on Witnesses Protection unsuccessful || There are minimum conditions for elections in Autumn ||  Colorful Revolution continues its countdown || Debate on whether the SPO is responsible

News digest of main events in Republic of Macedonia: A Session of the State Election Committee || Johannes Hahn: Future reform measures are necessary! || Bozin Pavlovski: I am not a signatory to Ivanov’s proposal  || Court administration continues to strike || (VIDEO) The Anti-Corruption Commission  – a leader in the region in not working ||

From a total of 105 Members of Parliament that were present, 101 MP’s voted to accept the initiative of Talat Dzaferi on the draft Law on amending the electoral code in shortened procedure, which was the only item on the agenda of the Assembly Session that was scheduled today. The changes do not anticipate the

Citizen journalists have led the main coverage on the situation with the pro-democracy citizens’ protests for justice, freedom and democracy in the past two months. This also marks the course of the Civic Lenses Project and the awards for citizen journalists in this cycle of awards by CIVIL – Center for Freedom.

The main recommendations of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, for overcoming the political crisis in Republic of Macedonia, are for the elections to be postponed until conditions for free elections are created, the abolition to be withdrawn and a for a transitional government to prepare free elections.

Fierce criticism of the government, postponement of elections, withdrawal of Ivanov’s abolition, freeing of the media, depoliticization of the judiciary and many other measures and reforms for overcoming the political crisis in Macedonia, are some of the views of the highest representatives of over twenty political parties that were part of the fourth discussion on

Do you support the “Colorful Revolution” protests? In regards to the first question of the online survey “Protests in Macedonia – a solution or deepening of the crisis” conducted by CIVIL – Center for Freedom, 83.40% stated they fully support the protests, while 9.31% of the respondents said they do not support the “Colorful Revolution”

The team of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, today presented the project “Forward” in the Municipality of Center, near “Paleta”, and handed out informative materials on the electoral process.

Withdrawal of abolition and postponement of elections – Zoran Zaev conveys the conditions for participating in the negotiations for overcoming the political crisis that are to be held in Vienna, Friday, 22 April.