ACTION Stojanovski: Fact-checking to be an integral part of journalism

“The role of journalists is crucial and they need to recognize misinformation. We have witnessed cases of misinformation causing unrest or tensions in our society. to find out the truth “, said Filip Stojanovski from Metamorphosis at the panel discussion” Pandemic and infodemia “organized by CIVIL.

“We have media that, after they publish misinformation, they do not publish corrections, and we should apologize to the readers who deceived them. People who spread false news do the same, Truthometer identifies and labels viral information and what can be seen that citizens learn from the media how to act, by looking at how they act and then in situations where the media act unethically create space in which unethical behavior becomes the norm.

Verification of facts should not be a separate genre, but should be an integral part of journalism.

According to a Critink survey, 95% of the journalists surveyed need media literacy education, the situation with new technologies is changing and we need to learn from them, to incorporate those skills in primary, secondary and higher education, especially for journalists. “, Said Stojanovski.

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