REMEMBRANCE Spasovski: Today we remember the darkest day in recent history

– On April 27, 2017, with a monstrous intention and with violence, a criminal action was organized and carried out by the leaders of the then ruling party who were determined to stay in power at any cost, without a sense for the consequences of their dark ambitions, writes Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski on his Facebook profile on the occasion three years from the attack on the Parliament.

According to him, the attack and the attempt to occupy the home of the Macedonian democracy were an aggression against every citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia and the foundations of parliamentarism.

– Their actions were not just organized crime, but treason of the ideals and principles of freedom and democracy. Today it still seems beyond belief that the madness went so far that

some of the offenders, in order to realize their monstrous plan and intention, had also been prepared for liquidation of some of the representatives of Parliament. The reason and presence of mind of the majority of MPs, the courage of individuals and the strong urge among all of them for the madness to end without tragic consequences helped for greater tragedy and the worst not to happen, writes Spasovski.

He says that from a captured state, today North Macedonia is a member of NATO and a country that is starting EU membership negotiations.

P. K.

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