BURST Snap, but delayed elections


The Macedonian political picturesque scene will be enriched with yet another early parliamentary elections. What happened? The Prime Minister daringly, responsibly and boldly offered the opportunity for all citizens to assess whether his politics are good or not – at elections. Snap elections, he said.

Hence, President Pendarovski quickly responded and gathered all the leaders (leader+1) who had independently been in the elections and won seats in the previous (early) parliamentary elections, collected their phones before they sat down at the table and moderated a discussion, first on the EU integrations and then on the elections.

What we have found out is that Mickoski had been like a puppy, quiet and cooperative, nodding with his head, trying to make a face that looks like a smile, hadn’t said a word about the reforms not being implemented, while Zaev had been reporting about the enormous praises from the European leaders for the reforms that have been made in the country. He had been obedient and quiet in the second part as well, till the moment when Zaev had proposed for the snap early elections to be held really quickly – December 22. Here he began to squeal and to demand that they be held as late as possible.

Confidently, Zaev had accepted, and so now we have early elections that will be held in half a year from now. Probably, with the intention not to have a single stain on one’s honour, not a single excuse following the elections, allowed vmro man number 2 (the “honorary” president is number 1, right) to dictate the pace of the “snap” elections.

What kind of snap early elections are elections that will be held after half a year, remains an open question. Another question needs to be now added to the long list of extremely unpleasant questions that Mickoski has to answer. He has to answer why he is running away from snap elections. Especially if one knows that he is working against the country and has been demanding elections, practically, from the first working day of the government, June 1, 2017. That’s only half a year after the elections in 2016, a month after the bloody terror they carried out in Parliament (April 27) and tried to kill Zaev and other MPs and political party leaders. Must I remind of all that? And that they almost succeeded in killing Zijadin Sela?

In the previous “bursts” I listed many questions, but here it would be nice to remind ourselves of at least two or three of them in this context: What is the connection between VMRO-DPMNE and Orce Kamcev? What’s Mickoski’s role in the April 27 events, especially in terms of the obstruction of justice in the investigations and court procedures that followed the events? Whatever, the question of the day remains: Why is he running away from snap elections when he has been demanding them so persistently so many times (literally much more than a thousand times publically repeated demand in two and a half years)?

There are several more legitimate questions and sub-questions that responsible politicians have to answer. If they can’t be snap elections, why do they have to be in April, and not October next year. That is, if we’re waiting half a year for snap elections, why not wait half a more year for regular elections? Especially if we know that the regular term should be in December (two months later). In Greece elections were held less than two months before the regular term, and they still called them early elections.

Elections are not a child’s toy, to be playing Mickoski and Gruevski as they please. This is not the regime they used to carry out, for them to be raging as they wish! But they can, because someone here has decided to build a normal state, even with abnormal characters.

And, what is most tragic is that not a minute passed for us to witness a drastic transformation. From a puppet with a shortened tail that squeals and ingratiates, once getting it, he turned into a rude and arrogant radical who continued to insult and cause commotion. The party herd, the same one that last week celebrated when we didn’t get a date for negotiations, is now celebrating for getting early elections, delayed ones, so that they have time to pour out as much as possible poison and hatred, as if everything we had to see and hear from them in the past years was not enough.

And yes, that’s the same party that has been working for months against its own country, lobbying for us not to get a date. The same party that did not show, at least falsely, for a moment that it wants to be different from the time it ruled with the life and death of people as if they were insects. And what about that they owe money, their headquarters are under mortgage. And that they have a budget of a million that we are now paying, including the “miserable” for whom he suddenly says he was glad to hug.

Just a day after the agreement for elections in April, vmro has shown irresponsibility and immaturity, pouring out at the same time piles of rudeness and hatred on the streets, the social networks and the media. Zaev should now call Pendarovski and ask, nevertheless, for elections on December 22. This will spare us from a lot of unnecessary waste of time, money and nerves.

Will they deny this writing as well? Just how much do they miss the time when people were afraid to even whisper, let alone write and speak!

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