ACTION Simonovski: Musicians are left without a motive for work, minimal state aid is not enough

This period with the corona crisis was catastrophic, because I have a serious music career, but I was put in a situation in the last 6-7 months to be without any income, now the “knife has come under our throats”, we had no choice but to correct a mistake, and that is to organize an association that will take care of the rights of musicians “, said Trajko Simonovski, musician at the panel discussion “Society in a pandemic, performing arts on the brink of survival” organized by CIVIL.

“We as an association are very pleased with the short time we managed to talk to institutions, such as the president, he tried to help us, but that’s about it, we talked to Alagjozovki, and the meeting with Bytyqi did not happen.

We have not had contact with the Ministry of Culture yet, but I think that the unwinding of that ball should start from there.

We conducted and created a register of members, from which we removed those who are employed, it was made in the domain of our capabilities, as far as we can have control over our members. The number is about 680 people. That register has been submitted and the people seeking help need to be identified.

We refused the help of 6 thousand denars because it is in our honor, it seems unserious. I have to sell my bass guitars to survive, the state is left without a future music culture, we are left without a motive to work, after so many years of investing I do not see how it would work, there are so many unemployed and hungry, the state must think seriously.

We want to form an association to insist on our rights, because it is obvious that no one cares about us,” Simonovski added.

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