ELECTIONS Several extracts from the reports on election irregularities

CIVIL’s monitoring team noted irregularities on election day, caused by voters in several municipalities.

At polling station 2791 in Dracevo, Municipality of Kisela Voda, according to our observer, a father voted on behalf of his disabled child. The boy was physically impaired, was not contactable and did not see the lists for voting.

In the Municipality of Aerodrom, at polling station 2690, more elderly voters had given their ballots to the members of the Election Board, for them to put them in the ballot boxes. The members of the Election Board reacted immediately, pointing out to the voters where they need to put the ballots. Another citizen at the same polling station refused to fold the ballots.

Near polling station 2653 in the Municipality of Karpos, three passenger vehicles were noticed with Skopje license plates (which are thought to belong to activists of the political party GROM), carrying voters to the polling station.

Transporting voters to polling stations with passenger vehicles in the ownership of party activists has also been noted in other cities in the country as well.

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