DAILY BRIEF September 18: New bombs for “Monster” case, Janeva’s detention extended, protests…

NEWS OF THE DAY: Janeva’s detention extended for 30 more days

The Criminal Court today extended the detention of former special public prosecutor Katica Janeva for 30 more days. She is in detention in the Skopje Investigative Prison, while her current detention expires on Friday. In terms of the submitted proposal by Janeva’s defence for termination of the detention measure and determining of a milder measure for ensuring presence with an offered guarantee submitted to a pre-trial judge, the latter has been

submitted to a competent public prosecutor for an opinion, and upon a decision of the court, the parties and the public will be further notified.

The voices of Janakievski, Jankulovska and Kamcev are heard at the “Monster” case hearing

In the recent conversations that are being heard at today’s hearing on the “Monster” case, the voices of Mile Janakievski, Gordana Jankulovska, Koce Trajanovski, Jordan Kamcev, Olivera Trajkovska can be heard, but also of Nikola Gruevski’s psychic and secretary.

Protest of healthcare workers: Violence is not the answer to the problems

Under the slogan “Stop violence against healthcare workers”, this morning a protest was held in the Clinical Center, organized by the Association of Specialists and Young Doctors, as a result of the series of attacks that have taken place recently against medical workers by patients and their relatives.


The trial for the murder of people at the Smilkovsko Lake on April 12, 2012, known as the SPO “Monster” case, continues on October 4, after 25 recorded conversations were heard at today’s hearing.

The Republic of North Macedonia will be the next 30th NATO member, the process of integration is in the final phase and problems are not expected with ratification in any of the member states, highlighted Government spokesperson Muamet Hoxha at today’s press conference.

Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani today stated that last Saturday he made public insight on the application of the Law on the use of languages, and that his is not a matter of any inspection and that he will pay the fine imposed on him by the MOI for talking on his cell phone while driving.

Former Minister of Justice from DUI, Blerim Bexheti, refused to sign the extradition for two people accused in the “Monster” case, namely, Afrim Ismailovik and Alil Demiri. This was heard in the wiretapped telephone conversation from March 14, 2013.

The essence of the SPO was to have all the cases that were actually opened by them processed, and with all these political developments in this situation, there was certain success in that intention of saving the cases, let me be more specific, VMRO-DPMNE did not succeed in their intention to pardon the criminals from among their lines, with the purpose for the SPO cases to fail. There is certainty of the cases, that is the essence of the rule of law, that everyone who has violated the law will be held responsible”, stated SDSM spokesperson Kostadin Kostadinov for CIVIL Media.


Survey: We have a red alert that everything is polluted!

“We have a black future, because we are surrounded by too many buildings, there is no greenery, no air in the city, we have too many vehicles, we definitely have a black future”, says a citizen in the center of Skopje in regards to the question of CIVIL Media – What kind of future awaits the country, green or black?

Several more vacant seats for the seminar “Civic Lenses: Citizens participate, observe and report” CIVIL announces a new series of regional seminars within the framework of the project Civic Lenses: Promoting transparent and responsible political processes. The first seminar of this series will be held in Stip, and registration has already started. The title of the seminar is “Civic Lenses: Citizens participate, observe and report”.

CIVIL in the municipalities of Vevcani, Struga, Ohrid, Resen, Bitola, Novaci, Mogila and Prilep tomorrow and the day after will promote the project “Green Future”, which the organization is implementing in cooperation with Heinrich Bǒll, Sarajevo.

Angela Petrovska

Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska

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