POLITICS SDSM to change its statute and colour, new leader to be chosen at intra-party elections

As of today, SDSM is proud to announce it is the first party in the country and the region, but also one of the few in Europe and the world to have full gender equality and participation of men and women in the party bodies, said leader Zoran Zaev after the party congress on Sunday.

Changes to the party Statute have opened a new democratic option for a political party to choose its president at intra-party elections for the first time on record in North Macedonia.

“The new SDSM leader will be chosen at direct elections in the first half of 2021, when the term of the current presidency is set to expire. Any member with at least five-year activity in the party and at least one term as Central Board member with the right to vote can be a candidate,” said Zaev.

He said SDSM is also changing its Statute preamble, where justice is added to freedom, equality and solidarity as a fundamental trait of the party.

“A forum of pensioners is also established, aimed at motivating our senior members and use their capacities, experience and knowledge in building measures and policies, for the purpose of improving their lives and the lives of all citizens,” noted Zaev.

According to him, the red color becomes the party color.

“This is the color of social-democracy, a color demonstrating our energy, strength and faith in a better common future, the color of our Macedonian flag,” added Zaev.

He said there are serious challenges ahead, namely the autumn wave of the coronavirus, which is a threat to the public health and the economy.

“As a party heading the Government and the parliamentary majority, we will continue to work on finding measures and solutions protecting public health and supporting the Macedonian economy,” said Zaev.

The SDSM leader said the country is heading for a period when another strategic goal is to be completed – EU integration – through the opening of the first chapters of the accession negotiations.

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