ACTION Saracini: The culture of impunity has to stop, for us as a society to function better

Petrit Saracini at CIVIL’s conference “The Greens Are Coming 2020” on the topic of green values, social justice and antinationalism outlined that all these topics are connected and that they need to be covered in a comprehensive way.

Saracini, in regards to hate speech, said that multiple stakeholders need to approach this topic and not just the institutions.

“We need to comprehensively address this topic, to approach it by several stakeholders, it is not enough only by the institutions, but also by society. The desire does not come by itself, but is a product of several values. The civil sector needs to be included, the economic and education sector, in order to have conditions in which citizens will not be put in a position to destroy their society, the relations with people and the environment”, said Saracini.

According to Saracini, for the institutional structure that deals with such polemics, such as the Agency for Communities Rights Realization and similar, there is a lack of budget funds.

“For the institutional structure that is currently established, there is a lack of funds, for the actions that can make a change, the practices that would be implemented by these agencies, institutions that are part of that structure, there is a lack of budget lines that would encourage these matters”, added Saracini.

According to him, media communication is very important and the cooperation in most of the clusters in society is important.

“Media communication is important, cooperation in most clusters overall is important, hatred has reduced in the media, but not on the social networks. There is a culture of impunity there, we regularly receive from the MOI that they are processing cases of hate speech, but in the competent bodies proceedings are not opened by the judicial authorities. That culture of impunity has to stop in order for us as a society to function better, to solve these problems”, adds Saracini.

“There are ways how to address and regulate them, society and everyone need to work on these issues and if we manage to reduce tensions between various groups, it will be reflected positively in terms of the institutional functioning, the environment in which we live, the education, health care, everything will improve if we have a better environment for a dialogue”, said Saracini.

translation: N. Cvetkovska

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