COVID-19 Religious leaders urge citizens to observe measures to protect own health and that of loved ones

Believers and citizens in our country should perceive the current coronavirus situation with the highest degree of seriousness and consistently observe all measures in order to protect their own health but also that of loved ones, health workers and the society in general, reads the call of Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, HH Stefan, Islamic Religious community acting head, Reis Ul Ulema Shakir Fetahu, Bishop of Skopje and Eparch of Strumica and Skopje, Monsignor Kiro Stojanov, Jewish Religious Community President Berta Romano Nikolikj and Superintendent of the United Methodist Church Marjan Dimov on Thursday.

The religious heads say the consistent observance of the measures should not be interpreted as having poor faith, but love and care for others.

“Now is the time when every person must demonstrate care and personally contribute in the management of the current situation. We must adhere to the measures both indoors and outdoors, in the workplace, in religious temples, in the homes and in public areas. Let’s be strong during these time, aware that the temptations are here to strengthen our faith,” reads the appeal.

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