BURST Reconciliation? With whom?


Those who are deliberately or accidentally illiterate, and who hold their eyes tightly closed in front of reality, can save themselves the time and nerves by not reading this text. Certainly, I always remind on this. Those who have decided to be obedient, orchestrated worms in the can of criminals shouldn’t bother their poor souls. I want to share, at the beginning, that I am trying, in my personal and everyday life, to be decent and not to use rude and insulting expressions.

These days I read a public “reply” in regards to the call for national unification made by the President (finally I can mention that state function without any brakes and qualifications that refer to the plant world), written by lady from the Family. She “replied” to the President that there is no unification as long as the name is not returned and similar blabbering. I read this “heroic” and “patriotic” text on one of vmro’s portals, one of those working off for someone else’s, anti-Macedonian interests, and they call us “traitors”.

Then, as I announced also in one of my posts on the social networks recently, my thoughts left my manners, so I called her with nasty and insulting expression in myself that can be associated with attributes of a bad and unpleasant smell, and certainly with expressions that are related to moral decay. Of course, I’m politically correct even when I’m alone with my thoughts, so I didn’t include certain professions, orientations, family or parts of human morphology that are often used in bars to express hatred or disagreement. That would be nurturing prejudice, which I sincerely and conclusively oppose always and everywhere.

This short episode was another motive for me to continue my thoughts on the political reconciliation in this such small, yet so divided, and, to use the expression of the coward from Budapest – parcelled out country. Is there any chance for such a thing? With whom should we reconcile and why? With whom should we and can reconcile? How?

There is no reconciliation and unification with criminals and persecutors. For them, like for all ordinary mortals, human civilization has created justice and law. Certainly, they are part of society, but precisely as such, we must not allow them to be privileged and rewarded for the crime and violence. They need to be held responsible, and then see how they will reconcile. Logical, right?

In order for them to come to power and money, they will hug even those they would happily build gas chambers for. They are people with low moral qualities, regardless of whether they are (or are not) wonderful people in their private circles. With their actions in politics and in the public, they are responsible for embittering, and even destroying countless lives.

Reconciliation is possible with them, but only after they have been held responsible for their actions. Not amnesty, rather responsibility. Amnesty and reconciliation don’t mean the same and don’t have the same effects. The amnesty can be part of the reconciliation, but only once there are guarantees that the misdoings will not be repeated. And their repeating and the readiness to conduct even greater misdoings is more than obvious. With them, there is no reconciliation!

And yes, the slogan of the protest of the “farmers” is perfect “The farmers will not forgive you” that was led by officials, starlets, party soldiers of VMRO-DPMNE nested in the administration. Indeed, the farmers shouldn’t forgive them. And we also won’t forgive them. At least I will NOT.

Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska

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