JUSTICE Prosecution suspects Mijalkov got help in escape

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said Monday prosecutors in the “Target-Fortress” case did not have any indications that defendant Sasho Mijalkov was preparing to escape when the main hearing in the case was complete. Nevertheless, the prosecution notified the Ministry of Interior that the main hearing was over, for the purpose of undertaking preventive measures.

The MoI first indicated that defendant Mijalkov could prepare for an escape on Saturday evening at 11 pm. On the next day, the procedure of issuing the house arrest order was completed before 7 pm, with the MoI continually providing information that the defendant has not escaped, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a press release.

The prosecution was told after 9 pm that the house arrest order could not be handed over because Mijalkov was nowhere to be found.

“Considering that the defendant was available by the time when the house arrest request was filed to the court, the Prosecutor’s Office believes that crime ‘Aiding and abetting a perpetrator’ of Article 365 of the Criminal Code has been committed. All necessary measures will be undertaken to confirm these suspicions,” reads the press release.

Meanwhile, the MoI has issued an international arrest warrant for ex-secret police chief Mijalkov.

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