POLITICS Polikarp promises a modern concert hall in Shtip, gates at the entrance and exit of the city, construction of an agrigultural stock-exchange unit

The candidate for mayor of the municipality of Shtip, Simon Polikarp – Jimmy, from Integra, yesterday at the panel discussion of CIVIL for the early local elections scheduled on December 13, thanked God for the opportunity that he indicated to run for mayor of Shtip.

“Since the beginning of the campaign, we have been holding meetings with a minimized number of citizens, and handing out flyers with our election program. The citizens of Shtip know who Jimmy is and there is no need for me to make a big effort to present who I am and what I am “, said Polikarp.

Polikarp stressed that if he becomes mayor, in the 10 months that his term would last, he will build a concert hall, because according to him “the Makfest festival deserves to be held in such a beautiful and modern concert hall.”

“If we had a beautiful concert hall, then world-famous musicians would come and tourism in the city would develop.

A factory will be built in the free textile zone and the clothes will be distributed under the name “Made in Macedonia” and we will be proud to say that it is our production.

He promises the construction of an agricultural stock-exchange unit with its own building where all agricultural products from the eastern region can be stored there and then placed on the market.

“We plan to build modern city gates at the entrance and exit of the city,” said Polycarp.

He announced that he will build bicycle paths in Shtip, and through their Foundation free bicycles will be distributed to all citizens who do not have the funds to buy bicycles themselves.

Polikarp says that in the time of Yugoslavia in Shtip there were many students from abroad, especially from Africa and exactly those who graduated from the university in Shtip are in important positions today in their countries and they offer help and cooperation if he becomes mayor of Shtip.

Polikarp promises that not one denar will be missing in the budget if the citizens of Shtip give him the confidence to lead the city in the next 10 months.

The panel discussion was part of the Freedom Festival organized by CIVIL, on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day.


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