BURST People are not numbers

Here you are, another column you are not going to read, because you have accepted the game in which you are losers. I will be writing about the voting right, therefore, go somewhere freely where you will mildly stimulate your senses, while you will be exhausting your thinking machine just enough to maintain your basic motor activity. Never mind, here is what it is about…

By: Xhabir Deralla

If you happen to have the need to travel outside of Macedonia, and the date of elections or of the referendum happens to be while you are abroad, you won’t be able to vote, even if you are staying 10 meters from the Macedonian embassy. You don’t have a legal possibility for that, you have to have a regulated place of residence of at least six months in order to acquire the right to vote. Certainly, with all the risks of being omitted from the list, just like many people in your country.

Right now I can think of four people who will be in two European countries on September 30. They will not be voting. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of Macedonian voters will be abroad on that date, some at a seminar, some will be visiting, some have work to finish…access to the ballot box has not been foreseen for them. Lawmakers and everyone who has been meddling around the Voters Register these years (not days or months), simply, have not taken responsibility for respecting one of the fundamental human rights – the right to vote. The usual justification for that is that the number of such voters is insignificant. Well, that is the problem. People are treated as numbers and they become insignificant if they are not too many. That just doesn’t work!

In Croatia for example, you need to contact the electoral commission, tell them where you will be on the date of the elections, and from there they will call the diplomatic mission, after which they will transfer you in the Voters Register of that place. And that’s it. I mention Croatia because a large part of the regulations of Macedonia’s election system is based on Croatian’s legal solutions and experiences. But this “little thing” has somehow been too complicated for those who treat people as a number, and have not made any effort to copy these solutions from the Croatian law. Because, among else, that would require devoting several minutes for every citizen with such need. If there are elections or a referendum, you will stay at home, why would you travel? They are not able to sort out the Voters Register even if you stayed put, let alone went somewhere!

When they were copying the Croatian Electoral Code, they somehow copied all the regulations, procedures, authorizations (and benefits), but somehow parts in regards to responsibilities and sanctions are mysteriously disappearing. Such a law is constantly being corrected, but it just never seems to be turned towards the voters. Those who have been paid from the money of those same voters tried to provide numberless benefits for the political parties (mostly of a financial nature), to provide as little as possible responsibility of the institutions, to make holes in the water and palaces in the sky…

And as for the voters, let the voters themselves think what to do. I, on the other hand, am stuck on the voting right of citizens. I am even dealing with little things like the place of residence of the people who will get caught abroad on the day of the voting. I am exaggerating, aren’t I?

I will finish this short warning that will not agitate anyone much, with a reminder…From the position of power, they behave arrogantly and brutally, and start squealing when they face the system they themselves have created. That is why they are trying to stay as much as possible in power, from where they can treat people as numbers. This same thing can also refer to everything you see around you today.

translation: Natasha Cvetkovska

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