PARTY EMPLOYMENTS Party employments just do not stop

With the postponement of the June 5th elections and the setting of a new date for December, the continuous election campaigns, according to the views of CIVIL’s observers, have not stopped for a moment.

According to our reporter, in a job announcement for employment at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, two candidates had applied from two different municipalities in Western Macedonia. One of the candidates had been encouraged to apply for the job position by a prominent member of the ruling party, with the promise that it was a done deal.

At the interview, the encouraged candidate received a reply that he did not have sufficient work experience, even though that was not one of the requirements given in the announcement. The other candidate from another municipality received the job, who had not shown up at all at the work place.

Our reporter was informed from the member of the ruling party that maybe it’s better that the candidate did not receive a positive response, because this way he could use the money he would have to give for the done deal to invest it in something more profitable instead.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom in its publication “Free Elections: A Non-Negotiable Condition” mentioned several sources of party employments separately, according to our information, in the public administration at the local and national level. Unfortunately, more intense party employments are expected as a “reward” for party activities or as an attempt to mobilize new members with the electoral process nearing.

Biljana Jordanovska


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