DAILY BRIEF Parliament to be constituted on August 4, most severe sanctions demanded for employers profiting off the backs of workers, CIVIL calls for a referendum for Universal Hall in Skopje

NEWS OF THE DAY: Xhaferi schedules Constitutive Session of Parliament on August 4

President of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia Talat Xhaferi has signed the Decision for convening the First – Constitutive Session of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Constitutive Session will be held on August 4, 2020 (Tuesday), starting at 12.00 noon. Given the newly created situation concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and in accordance with the recommendations of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, the Constitutive Session will be held in accordance with the protocols and criteria determined in previous coordination with the President of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, Zharko Karadzhovski, all with the purpose of reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Jovanovic: Most severe sanctions for all bosses of firms who are profiting off the backs of workers


President of SSM, Darko Dimovski, on “Morning Briefing” on “Slobodna TV” stated that SSM demands criminal responsibility for employers who have not paid the 14,500 denars provided by the state for employees.

VMRO-DPMNE is starting the process of making changes in their cadre, informed their communication center.

The Mayor of the City of Skopje, Petre Shilegov, at today’s briefing with journalists said that he considers that there should be a referendum for Universal Hall.

The Ministry of Interior is acting upon the illegal construction next to the Mavrovka Shopping Center, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office has been informed.

The Personal Data Protection Agency informs that it has initiated a procedure for conducting supervision over the legality of the activities taken in the processing of personal data and their protection by the SEC.

Doctors advise for children to return to school from September.

CIVIL ACTIVITIES: CIVIL calls for a local referendum for Universal Hall

Encouraged by Saso Ordanoski’s column “Why not: a city referendum for Universal Hall?”, CIVIL today decided to submit an initiative for a local referendum for Universal Hall, will it be built in a new location, will the current building be restored or will it be demolished and have a park built in its place… For these and other questions related with this topic, it is best to have a referendum organized.

Angela Petrovska

Translation: N. Cvetkovska

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