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DAILY BRIEF First address by a Macedonian Prime Minister in the EP

The Prime Minister of Republic of Macedonia today addressed the European Parliament. This is a first address to the European Parliament by a Macedonian Prime Minister, in Macedonian. Zaev,...

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SEMINAR CIVIL’s observers will meet in Skopje

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is organizing a seminar for training and coordination of 28 long-term observers of the referendum from throughout the country, at Hotel City Park, Skopje,...

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DIRECTLY Deralla: Nationalism does not allow the existence of individual expression

Deralla, CIVIL: It is interesting that this debate has developed in the public discourse and that a difference has been made between nationalism and patriotism. In this occasion, I would...

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BURST Capitulation

Midnight capitulation of Mickoski and his team could be an excellent inspiration for Monty Python’s scriptwriters. For instance, a...

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CONDEMNATION Condemnation of the bizarre celebration of Erdogan’s dictatorship in Turkey

Trampling human rights, corruption, control of the media and violence against those who are politically different-minded, is the brief...

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EVENTS Culture is the front page of every society

Skopje cannot complain of having a lack of cultural events, whether they be exhibitions, music, theatre or film, there...

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