PANEL Ordanoski: The most important political trend is the non-ethnic voting

Saso Ordanoski, political analyst and member of CIVIL’s Expert Board, at the panel discussion on Sunday, after the polling stations were closed, gave his opinion on the election day and on what we can expect in the upcoming period on the political scene.

“If we try to make a country in which everyone will have equal chances because they have been born as citizens of Macedonia, and not because they belong to a certain ethnicity, religion or any other affiliation, then that would be the perspective of the Macedonian state. We are moving in that direction with these results. We remain to see how the gap with Besa’s shortcoming will be filled. I think there will be a second round of voting in many places, which will be important”, stated Ordanoski.

According to him, it is possible that in the upcoming period there could be MPs of the VMRO-DPMNE coalition leaving, or joining other parties and coalitions, or declaring themselves

independent, which will lead to a decline in the number of MPs in Parliament, which will open the question whether there will be early parliamentary elections or not.

“Generally, in politics, the one who wins in the first round then continues to “trample” also in the second round. The trends I think are such that we will come to a situation of having a stable government at the central level, which will then have to decide whether there will be early parliamentary elections”, said Ordanoski, who at the beginning stressed that it is important that we saw a neutral but responsive state.


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