OPINION Open letter to media organizations


I have one question for the media organizations and their leaders:

What is this long-standing silence and non-response to the persecution against me and my family?!

You don’t like me, you don’t like what I write, you don’t agree with my views, you don’t like that I wrote projects, researches, programs and participated in building your capacities and in what you are now?!

You have been silent about the attacks against my family and myself for years, although you do know well and can see what I am facing. Instead, several times throughout the years you have come out to defend even media liars, slanderers and criminals?! You have defended people who have been for years persecuting, encouraging hatred and violence not only

against me, but also against dozens of other colleagues of yours?! What is this silence or selective defence? According to what preferences?

You need to understand one thing, I will not give up. You know well who I am. You know how I work, not like the little courier friends, but rather with facts and arguments.

Your donors and the international media community will be informed about your actions. Let’s see if you will continue in this manner, or will finally really stand in defence of the public interest and freedom of speech.

The game ends here. The last case will be led institutionally. From here on, each with their own responsibility. And I will demand responsibility for the attacks against me and my family, from those ordering and carrying out these attacks, but also from those who are keeping silent about them for years!

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