NATO North Macedonia sends troops to Kosovo for 1st time since joining NATO

The Army of North Macedonia will take part directly for the first time as a NATO member-state in the KFOR Mission. Forty-four Army members will be deployed to the Kosovo mission on Saturday, taking part in the KFOR Command and Regional Command West.

The Army says the mission troops, comprised of staff officers and a security unit, have gone through the required training process.

Army members have already proved their preparedness, interoperability and capabilities to carry out the most difficult tasks during the 18-year participation in the ISAF and Resolute Support missions in Afghanistan, Iraqi Freedom, Althea in Bosnia-Herzegovina and UNIFIL in Lebanon, reads the press release.

Until now, the Army of North Macedonia has taken part in the KFOR Mission by providing logistical support to NATO through the coordination center for support of the host country. The center coordinates KFOR forces in customs and border procedures during transport, including other KFOR needs in the field of logistics.


source: MIA

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