CIVIL No more tolerance for the regime’s rampage!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom expresses its unreserved support to all demands of the Colorful Revolution and supports nonviolent civil action against the undemocratic rule.

Resignation of the government, unconditional removal of all obstruction to the work of the Special Public Prosecutor, formation of a special unit in the Criminal Court in accordance to the mandate of the SPP, de-politicization institutions, liberation of media, professionalization of the State Election Commission, revision of the Voters Register, and free elections are the conditions for overcoming the political crisis in the country. For these conditions we speak for years, but the day has come when all the deadlines have been breached, and tolerance for the rampage of the regime there is no more and there will be not anymore!

Abuse of power, structural violence and political corruption have continued unabated, despite all the efforts, time and resources this country has spent to reach a solution to the political crisis. Those, suspected of serious abuses, stealing public money and electoral thefts, sit at the negotiating table and only deepen the crisis, pushing Macedonia into more misery and isolation, divisions, tensions and violence.

On top of all this, the leader of the ruling party continues with heavy manipulation, hate speech, and serious threats in his public appearances, as he did on the occasion of the birthday of his party yesterday.

As he spoke, police arrested activists, and his party soldiers continued with usurpation of institutions and violation of human rights and freedoms.

Macedonia has no more time nor patience for the rampage of Gruevski and his clique!

No more room for miserable lies of usurpers who talk about political persecution against them while they are in power and conduct an unprecedented party-police persecution of opponents!

Fear disappeared!

We all are the Colorful Revolution!

We all are for justice, freedom and democracy!

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