PRESS-CENTER New 18 processed cases of election irregularities noted by the CIVIL monitoring teams

The members of the Election Board (EB) in the polling station (PS) are busy with eating and drinking, so the using with the US lamp is their last concern. They are checking every second or third voter with the UV lamp.

There are no disinfectants in polling station (PS) 2582/1 in Gjorce Petrov.

At many polling stations, citizens who have a new ID card (issued in the previous 2 weeks) are not allowed to vote because they are not on the voter lists. Citizens are not instructed on how to proceed further. This case is registered at the polling stations: 2930 in Butel and polling stations 2611, 2593/1 and 2628 in Karposh.

Violation of the voting assistance protocols was registered on polling station (PS) 9741. A woman citizen with a visual impairment was prevented from voting with assistance.

In Gazi Baba, in polling station (PS) 2498, a party observer is sitting next to the President of the EB. When the Civil Observer asked for information about who was present and in what capacity, the party observer and the President of the EB responded arrogantly with the words “Well, I am not telling CIVIL anything.”

“You do not have to say anything to CIVIL.”CIVIL knows everything” – commented jokingly the President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla, who led the first two press conferences since the beginning of the Election Day.

Furthermore, the monitoring of CIVIL announced that at the polling stations (PS) 2500 and 2506 in Gazi Baba the names of the voters are read aloud.

UV lamps do not work at the polling station (PS) 2695, but the voting is not stopped.

At polling station (PS) 2704 in Aerodrom, a party observer is violating the right to secrecy of the voting because he is sitting right behind the polling booth and is watching which option the citizens are voting for.

At polling station (PS) 2809, a woman citizen was given a ballot, sprayed and before voting, the Election Board determined that she was not on the Voters’ List. Her ballot was taken away and she was not allowed to vote. The Election Board instructed her to report to the Municipal Election Commission and that “it is her fault that she is not on the list.”

Party members are offering and doing transport of sick and exhausted people at polling stations (PS) 1351 and 1354 in Prilep.

Two people with bags of sandwiches, juices and sweets have distributed this to the members of the EB at polling stations (PS) 2690, 2691 and 2692 in Aerodrom with the words: “You know who the greeting is from!”

The next press conference is at 13:00 pm and will be held in Macedonian and Albanian Language. By the end of the day, press conferences will be held at 16:00, 18:00 and 22:00 p.m. Right after the press conference at 22:00 pm, a panel discussion will be held to evaluate the election process with the participation of members of the CIVIL team, as well as Sasho Ordanoski, Jasna Bachovska Visar Ademi. All media are welcome to download CIVIL video content and reports.

The press center of CIVIL is in Hotel Porta, Aerodrom on the 15th of July. The organization provides free taxi transportation for all journalistic teams to the hotel (a proper bill is required). The press center will also provide space for journalistic teams for work, snacks and refreshments

CIVIL Communication Team

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