COVID-19 Ministry of Health: Citizens are key in the fight against COVID-19

The Ministry of Health is urging all citizens to comply with the measures taken to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.

“Wearing face masks, maintaining physical distance and washing hands are the only measures that can stop the virus from spreading. They are key in the fight against COVID-19,” the Ministry says in a press release Sunday.

On Saturday, the press release adds, Health Minister Venko Filipche said the Law on the Protection of the Population against Communicable Diseases is already in Parliament procedure and is expected to be amended next week. The law should be adopted soon in a fact-tracked procedure paving the way for the new restrictive measures, recommended recently by the Commission for Infectious Diseases, to be introduced in a bid to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

“Everywhere in the world, including Europe and in our country, the number of new coronavirus cases is peaking. The risk introduced by the autumn season sounds the alarm that the measures for the protection of individual and public health must be respected all the more because the weather is changing and the people spend more time in closed premises,” notes the Ministry.

On Saturday, North Macedonia reported a record number of new COVID-19 cases – 594 out of 2,617 tests carried out in the past 24 hours.

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