MIA to family Zeqiri: Don’t leave the house and don’t give statements to journalists

A member of the family Zeqiri from Radisani, which was target of nationalist attacks, Faik Zeqiri met yesterday with the mayor of Butel and two representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with whom he talked about the problems this family is facing.

Today Civil contacted Faik Zeqiri to understand what was said at the meeting. Zeqiri said that MIA told them not to get out of the house and give statements to journalists and non-governmental organizations, because they can’t help in resolving the case.

“They told me to stay home and not give statements to journalists and non-governmental organizations because they could not help us. How can we not give a statement when we were attacked seven times and no case was solved.  They do not ask me how my family is and where half of my family is?” said Zeqiri.

Civil activist Petrit Sarachini considers that institutions are remaining silent for ongoing tragedies of this family.

“Throwing bombs and ongoing threats to this family reflect the poorness of inter-ethnic relationship in this country. MIA gives a negative message that such actions remain unpunished. All institutions should take serious steps to contribute to solving this case”, said Sarachini.

The first Albanian Party that has reacted on this case is the Party for Democratic Prosperity, which requires responsibility from the Democratic Union for Integration.

“PDP considers that these attacks are aimed at ethnic cleansing of the territory inhabited by Albanians and even publicly asked the Albanian party DUI if they think to take measures for Albanian citizens of this region who are object of attack to provide them quiet and comfortable life. PDP insists that the Interior Ministry should come up with a public explanation of what happened in Radisani and what measures have been taken so far to stop the attacks on the family who is forced to escape from their home and to run outside of state,” says in a press release PPD.

MIA has not come up with concrete evidence in the case.

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