PERSPECTIVES 2018 Maleska: I expect for the attention to be focused on essential problems

“2018, without a doubt, passed in the sign of the Prespa Agreement and the entire process of ratification of the Agreement, and now a process through the change of the Constitution and constitutional amendments…That was the most prominent thing in this year”, stated Professor Mirjana Maleska in a conversation with CIVIL MEDIA, as part of the series “Perspectives 2019“.

“I look at the perspective of Macedonia more optimistically. I expect that the constitutional amendments will pass and that this chapter of the conflict with Greece will be closed, and that Greece will be our supporter, our friend, everything it wasn’t until now. From the economic blockade in 1991, up to all the problems we are having in the international organizations, not being able to enter or entering under the temporary reference, there shouldn’t be any more of that…to have support and help, we will become members of NATO and thus our security will raise to a higher level. Greater economic benefits from all this are also expected. The energy of society will turn to more essential things, such as employment, the standard of citizens, interethnic relations…Now once the initial steps of improving the neighbourly relations have been made, I expect a more stable state, a more secure state, I expect better life for all”, stated Maleska in regards to her expectations in the context of the political and social situation in Macedonia in 2019.

Text and editing: Biljana Jordanovska
Camera: Аtanas Petrovski
Photography: Аrian Mehmeti


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