POLITICS Lazareska Gerovska: The Ministry of Justice will form a working group to amend the Electoral Code

“The Ministry of Justice will form a working group with 12 members, 6 of which are political parties. We hope that by mid-December everyone will bring nominations and we will be able to form it. The European Commission also expressed a desire to be a member or observer of the working group”, said Radmila Lazareska Gerovska from the Ministry of Justice, at the panel discussion “Electoral Reform: Wishes vs. Reality.

She added that the mandate is to implement all OSCE messages and to consider changing the election model.

Minister Marichikj committed himself to make changes to the Electoral Code, I would like to make a clear Electoral Code, but it is a long process, especially between the political parties, we have established a framework by June 2021 and this law should be passed in Parliament by then, by May to submit a draft law, which I hope will enter the parliamentary procedure.

“To be realistic with factual work, I do not believe it will start before mid-December,” said Lazareska Gerovska.

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