DAILY BRIEF June 12: Reforms, SPO, NRTV, OSCE, “bombs”, hope and expectations…

Pendarovski in Brussels: In the past two years we have regularly delivered good news from the region

President Stevo Pendarovski, today in Brussels, after the meeting with the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, stated that the European Union has the opportunity to show leadership and vision for the future of our region by giving Macedonia a date for negotiations.

“The citizens of North Macedonia are not asking for an undeserved award, but a deserved chance for building a European state with a just, humane and advanced society”, added Pendarovski.

OSCE with a critical report on the work of the SPO

The Head of the OSCE Mission, Clemens Koja, today called on the political parties to reach a consensus and to allow the SPO to continue to work in an unhindered manner. According to the OSCE, some of the SPO cases are loaded with evidence and witnesses, while the SPO had not handed over the wiretapped conversations as evidence to the defence. Today the OSCE presented the Second Interim Report on the work of the SPO, on 80 pages, with an analysis on the observed court cases in the period between November 2016 and November 2018, namely, in the two years from the start of the first court process of the SPO.

NRTV and the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services will receive new leadership, the SPO is necessary for the country

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Minister Robert Popovski at last night’s debate on a television debate dedicated to “Two years Government – Accountable before the citizens”, in regards to the question about the upcoming changes in the National Radio Television, said that changes will take place in a transparent and open procedure for finding the best quality solutions.

“I invite the public and the media to follow the election of the programme council of the NRTV and AAVMS, a process in the Assembly follows”, said Minister Popovski.

“The programme council of the NRTV will be selected in a transparent procedure in which the director and editors will be appointed. The selection will be carried out similarly to the one for the SCPC, through scoring and being public”, added Prime Minister Zaev.

In regards to questions related to the reforms in the judiciary with an emphasis on the SPO, Zaev highlighted that the state needs a Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office, with a place for the SPO in the prosecution system, and that the Law elaborates only principle solutions without going into

the independence of the set up and the work of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and all the structures within it.

“We are setting the principles of an institutional establishment of the entire prosecution system of the country. We must not allow, because of political interests, to bring ourselves in a situation to pardon criminal acts that have been started. The opposition is demanding for the procedures to be stopped and for the evidence to be destroyed”, stated Zaev.

Esad Rahic new Director of the Sutka Prison, Dimovski – Head of the National Security Agency

Director positions for Viktor Dimovski and for former SDSM MP Esad Rahic. The decisions for both of them passed the government session, and it is anticipated for former intelligence officer and recent State Secretary in the MOI, Dimovski to take the head position in the newly formed agency for national security. Esad Rahic, on the other hand, is the new Director of the Sutka investigative prison.

“El Cheka” is not waiting, he is releasing bombs in which judges are arranged and academics are discredited

Despite the numerous hacker attacks and reports because of which several profiles were closed of the man from Kicevo – El Cheka, he did not wait a single day to open new profiles on Facebook and on websites. El Cheka released new bombs on these sites, and even more outrageous conversations with scandalous contents. In one of the conversations in which it is said that two top DUI officials are heard, it can be heard how they are arranging a selection in the judiciary. A condition for appointing a judge, according to the conversation, is for the family of the judge to vote for DUI, and not “for the other party”, as can be heard in the conversation. For this they are mutually demanding strong guarantees from a third official of the same party who is a relative of one of the candidate judges.

North Macedonia in 65th place on the Global Peace Index

According to the Australian Institute for Economics and Peace, which published this year’s Global Peace Index, based on which the countries are ranked from “most peaceful” to “least peaceful”, North Macedonia is ranked in the 65th place. Compared to the period of a decade ago, in 2019 peacefulness improved in the world for the first time in five years, according to the latest research of the Institute. The index is calculated based on 23 factors, among which internal and external conflicts, military expenditure, terrorism, murders and crime. Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world for the eleventh year in a row, whereas Afghanistan is in the last place on the list, just like last year.

D. Muratov

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