DAILY BRIEF June 11: Resignations, appanages, removals, concerts…

Gruevski and Bogoevski are no longer MPs

At today’s parliamentary session, the President of Parliament, Talat Xhaferi, concluded the resignation of Nikola Gruevski, sent from Hungary. With this act, the proposal for revoking his mandate that was passed by the Parliamentary Committee on Mandatory-Immunity Issues is pointless and has been withdrawn. After concluding the resignation, speaker Xhaferi instructed the SEC to send the next MP candidate from VMRO-DPMNE’s list, so that his mandate can be verified.

Pavle Bogoevski resigned due to a recording that was published with a compromising telephone conversation. He said he would be returning to his civic activism, from where he came to being an MP.

Will Gruevski and Bogoevski receive appanage?

Both Nikola Gruevski and Pavle Bogoevski, according to the Law on salaries of MPs, have the right to an appanage, that is, a salary in the amount of the current one of one thousand euros, within a year. For now, Gruevski has not submitted a request, whereas Bogoevski says that he is still considering whether to do so. The appanage, however, does have to be approved by the Parliamentary Committee on Elections and Appointment.

Gjoko Kamcev from the list of VMRO-DPMNE in the fifth electoral unit is to replace Gruevski in Parliament, while Bogoevski will be replaced by Aleksandar Filipovski from the list of SDSM from the first electoral unit.

Will DUI follow SDSM’s steps?

The senior presidency of DUI, at an extraordinary meeting decided that at the upcoming intra-party elections, the leaders of the municipal branches should also be coordinators. With this new task, they will not have the right to be re-elected at their position of presidents of municipal branches. By this, DUI wants to change the structure of the municipal branches with new presidents.

Goran Tanevski celebrates 35 years of musical career

Musician Goran Tanevski on June 13 will have a concert  in the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, with the purpose to celebrate 35 years of his presence on the musical scene. Tanevski will perform as part of the project that is titled “Mizar – another revelation”


The cult band “Mizar” was formed in 1991 in Skopje by group members Gorazd Capovski (guitar), Risto Vrtev (vocal), Ilija Stojanovski (bass guitar) and Panta Dzambazoski (drums). In 1985, Goran Tanevski replaced Risto Vrtev as a singer.

D. Muratov

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