DAILY BRIEF June 10: Arrest, boycott, ambitions, end of school year…

Jahi Jahija from DUI, State Secretary in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration has been arrested

State Secretary in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Jahi Jahija, DUI official from Kumanovo, today was arrested upon the order of the prosecutor for organized crime, Vilma Ruskoska.

Jahija is suspected of misuse of official position and abuse of power, for receiving provision for a tender and for misuse of European IPA funds. The Sector for organized crime and corruption from the MOI searched the premises of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, say employees in the institutions located in the same building with the Ministry. Jahija’s house was also searched, where he was arrested this morning. The prosecutor’s office is expected to request detention for the senior DUI official. This is the first DUI official to be arrested, following the numerous reactions in the public that the justice authorities are exempting officials of this party for political calculations.

Cicakovski wants to be a judge

At today’s session of the Judicial Council of the Republic of North Macedonia, it was announced that the former President of the State Election Commission, Aleksandar Cicakovski has applied for a judge at the Administrative Court.

Cicakovski, as was indicated at the session, can continue in the selection process together with the other candidates who have passed computer skills.

He will be remembered in the public by the scandal with the bonuses that were given with other members of the SEC, for which they resigned immediately after the parliamentary elections in 2016.

The debate on the Draft-Law on Census of Population has been cancelled

Today’s debate of the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs has been cancelled, at which the Draft-Law on the Census of Population was to be reviewed, which is planned to be carried out in 2020.

VMRO-DPMNE threatens to boycott the census if the government does not consult them

Zoran Zaev continues with the practice of trading with the highest national and state interests just to stay in power as long as possible. This time he decided sneakily, without consultations, to draft a census law on which according to a tried recipe he puts a European flag, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

He added that if the government decides to continue in adopting a legal solution for conducting a censes in such manner that leaves the possibility for doubts in the census results, it also leaves the possibility for VMRO-DPMNE and many citizens not to participate in the census organized in a manner contrary to the democratic processes.

25.794 households have received a guaranteed minimum income

Minister of Labour and Social Policy Mila Carovska stated that today 25.794 households received on their transaction accounts a guaranteed minimum income, which for the greater part of them is increased by 100%. All of these households who have children also received additional payment for child and education allowance. Applying for the new rights is still in progress and we expect for these numbers to continue rising.

“I am truly glad that the implementation of the reform is going well and that our most vulnerable citizens are finally receiving the assistance they need. With these changes, we are reducing poverty in the country, we are enabling an equal start for every child, we are promoting the rights of people with disabilities and we are improving pre-school education”, stated Carovska.

First postage stamp “Children with rare diseases – Alport Syndrome”

The Macedonian Post issued a new postage stamp dedicated to children with the rare diseases Alport Syndrome. The stamp came out today and is the first such stamp in the world issued for this rare diagnosis. The initiative for this stamp was made by the activist for rare diseases, otherwise employed in Macedonian Post, Loleska Gordana.

School year ends, problems remain

For some students this year again ended without some of the necessary textbooks, the hidden expenses did not by far make the education free, the curriculum has still not been reformed since the time of Gruevski. Tomorrow is the last school day for 270 thousand high school students and for 20.000 first graders who finished the 2018/2019school year. Eighth graders are to enrol in some of the secondary schools, which can be done on June 17 and 18, or during the second enrolment on June 24 and 25.

CIVIL in the past has reacted several times for the shortcomings in the education, but received no response from the competent authorities.

Young people in Tetovo with art against violence  

The creative workshop “United against violence” that CIVIL held in Tetovo in cooperation with the Municipality of Tetovo, the Sector for Internal Affairs Tetovo and the primary and secondary schools was carried out in a wonderful atmosphere where the young people from Tetovo showed skilfulness and geniality through their ideas and solutions in the fight against violence.

D. Muratov

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