DAILY BRIEF Illegal construction at Mavrovka Mall being demolished, owner also appears, Public Prosecutor Office files indictment, Ahmeti testifies to Kosovo War Prosecutors…

NEWS OF THE DAY: Illegal construction at Mavrovka Mall being demolished

The demolition of the illegal construction at the Mavrovka Mall has started. Construction mechanization has arrived, and the site is secured by the police. The demolition is performed by the Public Enterprise for Maintenance and Protection of State and Regional Roads.

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia at its first session held yesterday, decided to recommend to the Managing Board of the Public Enterprise for Maintenance and Protection of State and Regional Roads to decide on engaging the necessary mechanization, equipment and workers for the demolition of the illegally built construction that is located in front of the Mavrovka Shopping Mall, without compensation from the Municipality of Cair, namely, from their own funds.


In regards to CIVIL’s question, posted on its Facebook page – Is the new government pro-European?, hundreds of citizens commented and most comments are positive.

With a brief “yes” replied 85 citizens, while with “no” only three citizens.

Suad Shaqiri comments: “I don’t know if there is anyone who is not in favour of EU in the RNM”.


President of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Ali Ahmeti, today in the premises of the EU-EULEX Mission in Pristina is testifying to Kosovo War Prosecutors.

The US are proud to be an ally of North Macedonia in NATO and support its aspirations for EU membership as well, writes US President Donald Trump in the message of congratulations to President Stevo Pendarovski on the occasion of Independence Day, September 8.

The Basic Prosecutor’s Office Skopje has issued an order for conducting an investigation against a person, who during the months of June and July, in the capacity of an investor, was building a construction with an area of 330м2 in front of the Mavrovka Shopping Mall in Skopje, without acquiring a building permit from a competent body

Mevljudin Aliti, owner of the construction that is being demolished today at the Mavrovka shopping mall, in a statement for the media, claims that the construction is not an illegal construction and that he has an elaborate and paid fees over 4,7 million denars.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Ohrid has submitted to the Ohrid Court an indictment against council member from the ranks of DUI in the Municipality of Ohrid, Nefi Useini, for the attack against Spire Topaloski in front of Hotel Unique in Ohrid.

D. Muratov

Translation: N. Cvetkovska


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