DAILY BRIEF House arrest for Mijalkov

On the political and social scene in  Republic if Macedonia today almost everything is accelerated ahead of the New Year’s holidays. From the daily events we highlight the following:

New Year’s address

The President of the state, Gjorge Ivanov , today at the annual traditional address before the MPs in the Macedonian parliament, asked from the parliamentary majority to find the strength and reject the Prespa Agreement.


The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office submitted to the court the proposal for terminating the arrest of the accused Saso Mijalkov, and to have it replaced with a milder measure, that is, with house arrest. CIVIL MEDIA already announced the changing of the measure arrest, based on unofficial sources.

The court is to decide on this proposal, after which it will be known whether Mijalkov will come out of prison Shutka, just as his former fellow party members and business partners came out, who left the prison yesterday and today.

With a decision of the Court of Appeals, Orce Kamcev, Cvetan Pandelski and the remaining defendants in the case “Empire”, received mitigation of the measure. Today the arrest for Mile Janakieski and Kiril Bozinovski was also terminated, and replaced with house arrest.

Civil society organizations

Civil society organizations revolted from the changes in the Draft law on amending the Criminal Code, today at 14:15 will submit a letter to the President of Parliament, MPs and the proposers of the law, with which they demand for it to be immediately withdrawn from the agenda of the session.

Human rights and freedoms

CIVIL – Center for freedom declared the month of December as the month of human rights. Every day we remind of the articles of the Universal Declaration of human rights and freedoms.

On December 28, CIVIL reminds of Article 28 of the Universal Declaration of human rights and freedoms, which states:

Article 28. Everyone is entitled to a social and international order, in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.

A New Year’s message from CIVIL

Before the very end of the year, it is common for mailboxes to be to be filled with messages and greeting cards with wishes for success, happiness, good health and joy in the coming year. The organization and its representatives these days are filled with such greeting cards from organizations and institutions, local, national and international ones. To every one of them, each CIVIL returns them a big smile and gratitude for the attention. We extend our wishes for success in the New Year to all of them, and wish them even more success, happiness, good health and joy in their personal and professional life. We wish all the organizations and institutions fulfilled plans with excellent indicators for real success, and the best possible achievements that improve the lives of people.

Diana Tahiri

Photography: Tomislav Georigev/


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