Gruevski continues with the abuses

Last month was probably one of the nicest in recent years for the local residents of Basino Village in the Municipality of Veles, as their village was visited by Nikola Gruevski, President of the Government and leader of VMRO-DPMNE, along with the Mayor of Veles Slavco Chadiev and some government ministers. And, just like what usually happens during the visits of the prime minister and leader as well, promises were made and urgently realized in front of the pro-government media. The accumulated problems of the village were resolved instantly, with just one order of the Prime Minister! Solving the problems that the people of Basino village had been facing for many years, began immediately after Gruevski’s last visit.

Ветувања ГруевскиThis can be confirmed by the statement made by the President of the Urban Community of this village, Bosko Taskovski, which was published in some of the Veles media. “The prime minister was here a month ago, the locals requested things that are of interest to the settlement, and the mayor has realized about 90 percent of those things. The spring of the natural fountain has been enclosed, lighting has been improved and one street has been completely finished, and now a multipurpose court will be developed, what can I say except that we are pleased with the visit of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. “

There are several examples of Gruevski solving longstanding problems of citizens with just one phone call, especially in the last few months, a period of intensified campaign that has been constantly lasting an entire decade. Hence, during the November visit of the city of Ohrid, the Prime Minister as an experienced illusionist, solved the housing problem of a family with eight children in less than one minute.

gruevski-lopata-685x320This shows and proves that in Republic of Macedonia, the institutions and the system definitely do not function, and that the word of Nikola Gruevski is the only thing that is valid, who has never made a distinction between the functions of party leader and prime minister, and that his appearance in a certain place is not enough to have problems that have plagued the citizens of those villages and cities for many years, be resolved instantly.

The President of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, Xhabir Deralla, in regards to the “a la Santa Claus” campaign of Gruevski, stated: “Gruevski continues to abuse public resources and the media. He persistently imposes himself on the public as a messiah, despite all indications of serious abuses and crimes that we have managed to hear about from the ‘bombs’. Because his acts-misacts have been exposed to painful details, this campaign seems totally offensive and grotesque, whereas, the amounts of money needed to implement this diversion of the public opinion are certainly much higher, meaning, they require further abuses.”

Basically, the question is why haven’t the numerous problems been solved until now, if they can be solved in a month or a day (and very often with a phone call ?!), or, are they waiting precisely for the pre-election period to have the Macedonian version of Santa Claus show his miraculous power?

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