CIVIC CHARTER Golubovska: The government is still hybrid

“I will mention the representatives of Government and of Parliament who are exceptionally important as part of this concept of democracy, justice and human rights. We spent much time, maybe around seven years, actively trying to build a political culture of resistance towards any policies of corruption, nepotism, non-transparent work, crime, which comes from the executive, legislative or judicial branch of government, and even in the economic field”, said activist Jasmina Golubovska at CIVIL’s conference “Civic Charter – The Global Framework for People’s Participation”

These social phenomena do not allow a society to live on real democratic principles, and instead builds and connects those that are skilled and semi-skilled forms of political governing, which is in direct conflict, or, in a kind of hybrid, which means a semi-skilled, apparently uninformed, uneducated leadership in regards to what democracy means, especially parliamentary democracy.

“One year after and I cannot see any changes in overcoming the previous conditions that are deeply rooted. My master’s degree in 2009 was on the subject that Macedonia and Albania are in essence hybrid systems that produce a large degree of non-democracy, authoritarian attitude in the very political system for control of the population and the resources that have been acquired naturally. Today I do not see any serious attempts for changing such policies, that is, we are facing superficial policies being brought that formally and legally satisfy perhaps someone’s interest, of a smaller or larger group, but as an entire society do not take into consideration everyone’s interests”, added Golubovska.

She emphasized that building a relationship is not building a relationship of clicks, or of publishing documents that some might or might not see. A direct relationship and building means direct access and communication with the citizens, so that all groups can be included.

“For instance, you invite the civil society organization to form a council, but you do not invite the informal groups. Segregation immediately appears between those who have direct communication with the government and those who do not.

What is positive in this period is the reform of the government that follows, that it will be based on real information with a good analysis previously conducted and that it will truly bring changes, that is, people in positions who will be able to handle difficulties, because they have much work from what they inherited. We need devoted people, engaged with a pure thought and vision and interest to see us all in a better society and future”, stressed Golubovska.

Dehran Muratov

Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

Editing: Еrmin Klimenta

Photo: Biljana Jordanovska

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