POETRY EVENTS Freedom Lyrics event in the Skopje Old Town

Civil – Center for Freedom is organizing the “Freedom Lyrics“ poetry and music performance on Saturday, November 16, at the Most plateau at the entrance of the Skopje Old Bazaar, beginning at 1 pm.

STIHOVI NA SLOBODATANikolina Andova, Lindita Ahmeti, Kocho Andonovski and Xhabir Deralla will perform their “Freedom Lyrics“, and Orange Groove and Mario Jankulovski will be responsible for the music performance. This event is part of the project “Speak Up!“. This project, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, includes artists from different creative fields who act in defense of human rights and freedoms, and encourage solidarity. This event is organized on the occasion of the International Tolerance Day.

Civil – Center for Freedom is part of the March for Tolerance under the moto “Macedonia has love for all”  lead by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights to observe the International Tolerance Day.

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