BURST For a handful of Rubles

Last night I talked with a close friend of mine about the referendum (what else?). He was telling me about a close business associate of his, an unwavering supporter of VMRO-DPMNE. During the day they had had a business meeting and talked about the referendum (what else). His interlocutor until recently had been a regular participant in the protests against Macedonia’s NATO and EU integrations and against the Agreement with Greece. He had also been part of the boycotters. They had often had disagreements on that topic. Business, of course, carried on as usual, because when the forest is burning, the lion and the roe sleep together, as we all know…

Xhabir Deralla

His business partner encountered a dramatic turnaround. He had split up with his boycotting friends and decided to vote at the Referendum. Not only that, but he is also going to vote FOR and that he is not the only one, he had confided to my friend. Without having the intention to argue with the bots, I assure you that my conversation with my friend really did happen and that he doesn’t have, not a single reason, to make up things.

The decision for a drastic change in the opinion of this supporter of the initiative for a boycott coincides with Gruevski’s pathetic speech from a few days ago, but also with Mickoski’s “melting” who, faced with the brutal facts of reality, is slowly starting to show symptoms characteristic for reasonable beings. Probably, as the clock is striking and prison for Gruevski is becoming a reality (expected for a long time), the pressure over Mickoski by one of the main ones in the Family is also giving in. And, moreover, if we know that Sashe and Grujo have not been in good relation for a while, that is, that Mijalkov has advised Mickoski to support the referendum, then this change in the manner of thinking is not surprising.

The destruction of the support for the Russian spies and nationalistic radicals on the endless Facebook line is measured in minutes, on that bizarre battlefield of propaganda, voyeurism and vanities. It is already easy to recognize and remember the names of fake profiles through which hatred and destruction are channeled, and those who have naively (or paid to) engaged in the verbal rampage under their own name, are deleting their posts and comments without further ado, leaving a “handful” to be ashamed on the social networks. Yes, they have remained, for a handful of Rubles, to sell the future of their children and to trample on their own and the dignity of their close ones. Here, it is time we called on those who hadn’t had the intention of charging, but had worked for free and unconsciously for anti-Macedonian interests, to stand up before their captains and to ask for money. And then to go to vote and to vote according to their own belief, for or against, whatever.

However, the Kremlin (and some other centers) did not succeed, despite the persistent, long-standing and expensive operation, whereas the Family (at least a strategically large part) has no chance of amnesty. The democratic rightwing, reasonable and honest politicians in VMRO-DPMNE, are getting their chance to help the biggest right-wing party to recover, faster than it was expected just a few days ago. While I’m writing these lines, the song “One call changes everything” from Partybrejkers keeps ringing in my ears. And again I am overjoyed with SPO’s work. And with a smile I remember my shoes and coat sprayed with colors, blue and orange, I think.

In the meanwhile, most of the people have understood that this is NOT AN ELECTION, but that it is expressing citizen will. That this has nothing to do with the mistakes of the politicians, regardless of whether they are in the opposition or in power, but that they are strategic interests of every family and of the entire country, with standards, democracy, law and…survival. And a decent one. “Macedonia – a decent place for living” (Prof. Gjorge Marjanovik, 1990) seems is not such an unachievable political slogan.

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