COVID-19 Filipche: Skopje clinics can treat up to 120 additional COVID patients

Health authorities keep in touch with hospital heads, who say that patients are discharged daily, but the number of admissions is still high, Health Minister Venko Filipche said Friday during a visit to Gostivar’s General Hospital.

Skopje-based clinics, he underlined, have the room and staff to treat patients. They can take in up to 120 additional COVID patients at any moment.

Minister Filipche thanked medical personnel at Gostivar’s General Hospital, stressing that those treating coronavirus patients will receive financial rewards. The funds for this measure, he added, have been allocated through the Budget revision.

“Your efforts to prepare the system for this unprecedented crisis is heroic. I want to congratulate, thank and assure you that those of you who have contributed to this fight will, in line with the latest Budget rebalance, be properly rewarded. We’re going through the height of the crisis, but I have faith in your abilities, expertise and organizational capacities,” Filipche stressed.

He noted that the Gostivar hospital is set to receive in 2021 an MRI machine, a process which was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

First Deputy PM and Minister for Political System Artan Grubi attended the event alongside Filipche and also expressed gratitude to Gostivar medical staffers.

“You are our heroes for fighting COVID-19 daily. I commend you and thank you for your hard work,” Grubi said.

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