COVID-19 Filipche: COVID-19 epidemic has reached its peak, number of active cases is stabilizing

Data shows that the COVID-19 epidemic in North Macedonia reached its peak a week ago and the virus’ reproduction number (Ro) stands at 1. The number of active cases in the country is stabilizing, similar to other European countries, Health Minister Venko Filipche told a press conference on Friday.

However, he underlined, the virus is still widely spread.

“We’re all at risk and must respect measures. They have shown good results. There’s no more rapid increase of new cases and hospitals are under less pressure than a few weeks ago,” the Minister noted.

Moreover, he stressed good news regarding the coronavirus vaccines.

“Vaccines are already in the finishing stages. Once they’re ready, we’ll get them through the COVAX system. Currently, we’re setting up a storage and distribution system. These excellent news will probably change the course of the pandemic globally and stabilize the situation,” Filipche told the news briefing.

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