DAILY BRIEF February 27: Ping – pong with responsibility, there are and there aren’t phantoms, Grujo officially an asylum seeker…

Ping-pong with responsibility: Xhaferi-Ruskoska-Criminal Court

The ping-pong party continues with the responsibility in regards to the immunity of the MPs accused in the case with the attack on the Parliament on April 27, 2017. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska withdrew from the request for police to monitor MPs Trajko Veljanoski and Ljupco Dimoski, saying that the responsibility for their possible escape will be on the Parliament. Talat Xhaferi says that in case they escape, the responsibility lies in the court, because it is in charge of providing presence of all accused and suspected.

Xhaferi at the briefing with journalists said that the Parliament can make a decision for the request for Veljanoski’s detention, but that previously there has to be a decision of the Committee on mandatory-immunity issues.

The Criminal Court replied to Xhaferi through an announcement: “The Court cannot act upon the proposal for determining the measure detention without a prior positive

confirmation of the Parliament in regards to the immunity. Unacceptable are the statements that the Court will be responsible for prolonging the procedure even more so because the Court cannot arbitrarily and contrary to the law determine any security measures if conditions for it have not been created”.

The Criminal Court, however, did not exclude the possibility for it to request again detention, depending on the next steps of the Prosecution.

Voter’s Register for public inspection, in the SEC there are no reports of phantoms, citizens complain in CIVIL

The Voter’s Register, which from February 23 to March 14 will be put for public inspection for the citizens, is being updated every day. The State Election Commission is publishing its daily reports on its website.

A total of 14.587 citizens have made public inspection in the Voters Register until February 25. A decision for registration was made only for 7 citizens, and the date has been changed for two citizens. So far, there are no decisions for deleting persons from the Voters Register, nor is there a case with a cancelled address of residence.

These data refer only to the personal verification of data of the Voters Register in some of the branch departments and offices of the SEC and in 46 additional offices located in the units of local self-government.

In terms of the online verification in the Voters Register, CIVIL has already received reports of irregularities. Citizens report phantom voters, who neither live on their address, nor have ever lived there. If they report this in the SEC, they are referred to the MOI and vice versa.

One more week open call for observers

The competition for short-term and long-term observers of CIVIL – Center for Freedom will be open until 5.00 pm, March 6.

All interested citizens who would like to be part of CIVIL’s monitoring teams need to fill out the online application for applying for short-term and long-term observers in the election process,

Gruevski is officially in asylum seeker

“During the investigation it was revealed that Nikola Gruevski had had valid travel documents, both at the entrance of the Hungarian-Serbian border and at the previous border crossings, and that his entrance in the Schengen zone had been according to the legal provisions”, is said in the explanation of the Hungarian police on the investigation of the escape of former Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski”, is written in the Hungarian portal

Carovska: With the social reform, we will pull the families out from long-term poverty

At the Regional conference in Ljubljana, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carovska participated in a panel discussion dedicated to “Structural reforms for competitive market economies”. She stressed the importance of the social reform and how it will contribute to overcoming the poverty.

The social reform is still in parliamentary procedure, although it anticipates investments in pre-school education, employment, especially of the young people…

“In the past year and a half, we worked hard to make the social reform. On the one hand, this reform completely changes the way we care about the vulnerable group of citizens and significantly increases the financial assistance they receive. On the other hand, the new system enables support, trainings and advising, so that every person can start to work. This approach will help the people to permanently come out of poverty, but at the same time will increase the labor force in the country”, said Carovska.

Osmani: North Macedonia and Albania with mutual support for the start of the EU negotiations

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European issues, Bujar Osmani, met with Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Republic of Albania, Gent Cakaj, who is paying a working visit to the country.

“The symbolism of this essential gesture is another proof of the exceptionally good relations between the two countries, which for a long time not only do not have mutual open issues, but on the contrary, are building relations that are a real expression of mutual friendship and closeness of the citizens of the the two countries”, highlighted Osmani.

Long is the road to realizing workers’ rights The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights has prepared two analyses dedicated to the situation with workers’ rights in the country that will be presented tomorrow, in Hotel Arka, starting at 11.00 am.

Igor Jadrovski from the Helsinki Committee says that these are two different analyses that were implemented simultaneously by expert teams. The authors of the two analyses are Mirjana Najcevska PhD, Aneta Cekic PhD, Ana Blazeva PhD, Jordan Shishovski Phd, Sonja Stojadinovik MS, Kire Vasilev MS, Marigle Demiri, Natasa Nevska and Nikola Steriov.

“The first analysis regards the satisfaction from the mechanisms for protection of the workers’ rights and targets all protection mechanisms that can be activated when workers’ rights are violated. It is an analysis that should show us how efficient the protection mechanisms are, on the one hand, and how available and accessible these mechanisms are, how informed the workers are about the existence of these mechanism, how much they are used, and at the end, what is the result from using these mechanisms. The second analysis refers a little bit more to the standards that need to be respected for the workers’ rights, and how much they are applied in Macedonia. When I speak about standards, I first think of the domestic ones that are prescribed in the domestic legislation, the directives of the European Union, but also all those standards that the International Labor Organization prescribes. This is an analysis that should tell and give results in terms of how much has been implemented until now and what needs to be implemented”, says Jadrovski for CIVIL MEDIA.

The results of the investigation for the tragedy near Laskarci are still being waited

The expert report for the bus crash that happened two weeks ago near Laskarci, killing 15 passengers, is still not ready.

Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, stated that they are still working upon the orders they are receiving from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. He said that the MOI is taking measures for the bus driver to remain protected, because he is part of the investigative procedure, and they are familiar with all the threats against his life.

А. Petrovska

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