DAILY BRIEF February 25: Disagreements in the government because of Veljanovski, the SCPC with the civil sector against corruption…

The SCPC meet with civil society organizations in a fight against corruption

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption today held a meeting with civil society organization involved in the fight against corruption. The meeting had the purpose to inform about the new competencies, the goals and future steps of the SCPC, in the context of the presidential elections. the President of the SCPC, Biljana Ivanovska, at today’s meeting with the civil society organizations, stated that the civil sector is their greatest ally in the fight against corruption.

“This is our working meeting, and from now on we can agree how often we will hold such meetings, all with the purpose to strengthen our cooperation, in the direction of the common good of everyone”, added Ivanovska.

Xhabir Deralla, CIVIL, before the start of the first meeting between the SCPC and the civil society organizations, congratulated the newly elected members of the Commission and highlighted that the

good work of the Secretariat of the SCPC that it completed in the ten months when this institution was headless, should be complemented. He said that work must be put into strengthening the independence of this institution, something that the new Law on Prevention of Corruption does not fully enable.

SDSM boycotts Xhaferi

SDSM MPs boycotted the morning coordination meeting called by the President of Parliament, Talat Xhaferi. They said that they are revolted from last night’s session for voting on revoking Trajko Veljanovski’s immunity, which Xhaferi interrupted two minutes after midnight, without having the voting.

Independent MP Pavle Bogoevski today on his Facebook profile accused President of Parliament Talat Xhaferi of abusing the legislative house and protecting the organizer of the April 27 events from going to prison.

“Our vote for Talat Xhaferi on April 27 resulted with an attempt to have us killed and a terrorist act on the Parliament. He didn’t even have a scratch on him. Yesterday, he abused that same Parliament and protected the organizer, making fools out of all of us. Today I read in the media information that the parliamentary sessions have been postponed because part of the MPs are on an official trip. This is another lie that has probably come out of his cabinet”, wrote Bogoevski.

“Talat Xhaferi had interrupted the session because of the behavior of Muhamed Zekiri. I didn’t know that the ‘lion of Forino’ was so sensitive”, wrote MP Pavle Bogoevski on his Facebook status.

According to Bogoevski, Xhaferi could have put up with criminal Nikola Gruevski when he wanted to fight him for the law on languages.

“No, Talat. You interrupted the session because your party is still in coalition with DPMNE’s criminal gang. After all the drama and lies that one member had gotten ill, and yet you sent a vehicle for the other replacement. We didn’t allow you to ruin the work during the commission discussion, that is why you interrupted the session. After the parliamentary elections, we took DUI out of VMRO. Obviously, we didn’t manage to take VMRO out of DUI”, stressed Bogoevski.

Xhaferi makes an excuse: It’s Muhamed Zekiri’s fault!

President of Parliament Talat Xhaferi blamed SDSM MP Muhamed Zekiri for the interruption of yesterday’s session. The President of Parliament had not been annoyed by the behavior of Nikola Micevski from VMRO-DPMNE, who was standing at the platform, but said that he had been provoked by the behavior of Zekiri from his seat. He says that he has not saved Veljanovski, because only his immunity has not been revoked, and that the court can continue with the process.

Spasovski: There is no kidnapping, nor organ trade

“There is neither a kidnapping case, nor are there organs missing of the people who in the last few cases have taken their lives away. This was confirmed by the forensic medicine. In the Republic of North Macedonia, there is not a single case of murder for the purpose of removing organs”, stressed Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Interior.

He categorically rejects all speculations of alleged kidnappers and alleged selling of human organs, adding that they are lies and disinformation.

Trial for the case “Fortress 2” postponed for April 5

The trial for the case “Fortress 2” of the SPO has been postponed for April 5, in which the first suspect is the former head of the fifth administration, Goran Grujovski, along with six employees in the UBK. Today’s discussion was postponed by judge Elena Ilievska Josifovik, because the judgement had not been submitted to the Supreme Court of Greece by the Ministry of Justice of North Macedonia.

А. Petrovska

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