DAILY BRIEF February 12: Mickoski with the party wants to leave Parliament, Law on PPO in committees, CIVIL tomorrow with panel discussion “Free elections as opposed to black propaganda” …

NEWS OF THE DAY: Mickoski: I see no reason for further participation of VMRO-DPMNE in Parliament

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski says that he sees no reason for further participation of MPs from the party he leads in Parliament due to deviation from the political agreement for the Parliament to be dissolved today. He announced that they will discuss this issue at today’s Executive Committee.

Mickoski said that there should be no deviation from the achieved political agreement on the terms for dissolution of Parliament and on the elections.

Regarding the proposal of Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski for dismissal of Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mizrahi, cadre delegated by VMRO-DPMNE in the Technical Government, he appeals for reason and dignity. He considers these to be political manoeuvres and warns that they could lead the country into a difficult political scenario.

FLASHAnother episode of the endless turbo-folk propaganda

Xhabir Deralla: Now, when he is requested to do something, to have the laws that are important for the state and for the EU integrations passed, he is threatening to boycott. The reasons are well-known: avoiding justice and inability to get out of the spiral of their own blackness.

SATAEMENT OF THE DAYSekerinska: I would like to see the hero who annuls yesterday’s given votes for NATO in Parliament

A year after the signing of the NATO Accession Protocol it has been ratified in 28 parliaments, and very soon our membership will be completed and we will seal our existence as an independent, sovereign and prosperous country. We will be part of a family with a security umbrella that protects one billion people.

This was highlighted today by Minister of Defence Radmila Sekerinska on the occasion of the ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty, which she said that as defence minister, NATO membership, among else, means a lot, in terms of numbers in the Army, who have first felt the benefits through salaries, working conditions and the prospects in the Army.

As to the spreading of fake news and scepticism about the Alliance, Sekerinska quoted a provision from the yesterday’s signed NATO Treaty, which points out that the parties in the Treaty are committed to safeguard the freedom, common heritage, civilization of their peoples, based on the principles of democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law. The Minister said that the opposition has already supported the law on service in the Army and that there should be no obstacle for supporting the law on defence.

POLITICALLY OK CORRAL: Pre-election regrouping

The Law on PPO, namely, the discord between the opposition and the government on the conditions for adopting the law is obstructing the dissolution of Parliament, which was supposed to be dissolved today in order for early parliamentary elections to be announced on April 12.


The Prime Minister of the RNM in the Technical Government, Oliver Spasovski, submitted a proposal to the Parliament for the dismissal of Technical Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Rashela Mizrahi.

“The Prime Minister and the Government have an obligation to ensure protection of the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia. Having in consideration that Minister Mizrahi knowingly and deliberately violates the Constitution and thus endangers the Euro-Atlantic future of our country, the Prime Minister has submitted a proposal to Parliament for dismissal of Technical Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mizrahi”, states the Government.

Mizrahi yesterday stated that the sign placed in the MLSP, on which the Republic of Macedonia is written, has been inherited. As she explained, there is no old and new, there is only one sign. She outlined that she has no intention of changing the sign with the old name, even if she has to pay a fine of 5000 euros.

The draft Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office today passed in the parliamentary Committee on European Affairs

Members of the Committee on European Affairs reviewed the Draft Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Draft Law on Amending the Law on the Council of Public prosecutors, in a shortened procedure, and decided to forward them for further procedure, that is, for them to go to a plenary session.

The text of the Law on PPO had only one amendment submitted by MP Surija Rushidi, which Minister of Justice did not accept and was not adopted by the majority in the Committee.

Xhabir Deralla from CIVIL was a guest at today’s edition of Morning Briefing of Sloboden pecat (free press), who spoke about the disagreements in Parliament on the Law on PPO and the Law on Defence and the ratification of the NATO Treaty that was adopted by a consensus of all parties.

“Everything is easier once you have a situation where you are part of NATO. This gives stability and security to citizens. This is a process that will not stop anymore, it’s a matter of procedural and administrative steps that certainly will pass. This means that no matter what happens with the political set in power, we have secured a place in NATO. This is something that cannot be reverted”, said Deralla.

In terms of the Law on PPO, he briefly gave his view: “I am convinced that the greater part of those who will not vote for the Law on the PPO are actually under pressure. Those who want to vote for this Law are terrorized”.

President Stevo Pendarovski today in the presence of students of the Faculty of Law signed the decree for promulgation of the Law on ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty.

We have waited almost 30 years for this, but it was worth it. Good luck to us, said Pendarovski, wishing for us to be signing such documents in the future also for membership in the European Union.

Chulev accused Spasovski of MOI’s unlawful working, the Prime Minister denied him and said for him to solve his problem with ID cards and passports.

VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki today at the session of the parliamentary Committee on European Affairs, where the draft Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office was being discussed, presented a letter, audio recording and transcript from, as he pointed out, was from a conversation of the person Z.Z in relation to Boki 13.

According to him, this could shed new light on the real desire for the fight against organized crime and high corruption by elected and appointed officials.

Minister of Justice Renata Deskoska relying to Miskoski said that regardless of what materials are presented here, the commitment for non-selective justice with any of the MPs, especially from the ruling majority, has not reduced or faded.

“#CreativeAntiCorruption today presented a creative action before the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest, the Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“Literally in all research, analyses and reports, the judiciary is on the top of the list according to the impression citizens have of its corruption. While some are “on trial for 100 kebabs”, major corruption and organized crime cases are either not processed, are constantly postponed, or are becoming outdated. Suspects, accused and convicted simply get away. At the same time, nieces, spouses, in-laws are being employed in the judiciary”, is said among else in the public announcement.


CIVIL’s team came out among citizens today with the question – Why isn’t the Law on Public Prosecutor’s still not being adopted?

CIVIL is organizing a panel discussion on the topic “Free Election as Opposed to Black Propaganda” on Thursday, February 13, at City Park Hotel (next to the Municipality of Center), starting at 12.00 noon. Panel participants include Slavjanka Petrovska, Deputy Minister of Interior, Marjan Zabrcanec, National Coordinator for Strategic Communications in the Government of the RNM and Jasna Bacovska, University Professor. Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL, will be moderating the panel discussion.

How does black propaganda affect the conditions for conducting free elections? What can and should the Government and relevant institutions do, and what can civil society do in the fight against black propaganda, fake news, disinformation and hate speech? What is black propaganda? What are hybrid threats to democracy? What challenges does North Macedonia face? What are the experiences of our country with black propaganda and hybrid threats to democracy?

The event is open to the public.


“Since its establishment, the problem of this party is that it fosters a policy of strong populism. Such party mantra, such flirting with the electorate policy, brings the party electoral votes but also ties its hands for pragmatic policies. For bold moves and unpopular but necessary statesman decisions. Its policy is a policy of fierce resistance to any attempt for the country to qualitatively move to a new development status. It was the same when we were joining the UN under FYROM, it was similar with the Framework Agreement, and most recently with the Prespa Agreement”, from a corner writes today Zoran Ivanov in the column “History will forgive them, but factography will not”.

“Are we witnessing the gradual creation of the first woman president of VMRO-DPMNE, perhaps already after the elections in April”, asks Saso Ordanoski in today’s edition of Good Morning with Ordanoski “Mizrahi in a quest to the top!”


Diana Tahiri in cooperation with Dehran Muratov, Angela Petrovska, Maja Ivanovska, Biljana Jordanovska, Saso Ordanoski and Zoran Ivanov and Xhabir Deralla

Translation N.Cvetkovska

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