INTEGRATION EU can’t let Skopje down again, says Slovenian MEP

The European Union can’t let North Macedonia down again, after the country has reaffirmed time after time that it has no alternative to EU integration and good-neighbourly relations with Bulgaria, Slovenian MEP Tanja Fajon told Belgrade-based newspaper “Danas” on Friday.

“We can’t let them down again. We have to find common ground with Bulgaria in the spirit of dialogue and restore trust in this process. Member states have one more shot to decide by the end of the year whether they will open the door to the EU for our friends in North Macedonia, because they certainly deserve it,” Fajon said.

According to her, Bulgaria’s decision to veto the adoption of North Macedonia’s EU negotiating framework disappointed not only “the people of North Macedonia, whose future obviously lies in the European Union, but also the European Parliament, which remains a strong supporter and ally of North Macedonia.”

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